Finding Dry Land: Linea’s Story (via BringChange2Mind)

I really loved this blog. It took me back to when I was first diagnosed as Bipolar I when I was 19. I’m turning 30 and feel like I have reached dry land too and I want to help others find it too. Go Linea! Bring Change to everyone’s Mind!

Finding Dry Land: Linea's Story There was a moment in my life when I almost drowned. Living in the largest dorm in the country with three best friends, experiencing my first serious college boyfriend, living what I thought to be the perfect life of a college kid, I couldn’t have dreamt of anything better. That is, until I turned my back to the ocean and was swiftly and dramatically pulled in by the undertow. One moment I was there and one moment I wasn’t. It was as if I had sud … Read More

via BringChange2Mind


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