What is it like to be bipolar?

Does that really matter? Who can really answer that? The question is too broad. Maybe…what is it like for you to being bipolar? Again. Not good enough.

“Bipolar” is a label. Just a label to explain a group of people who experience mood fluctuations. How we handle them and the intensity of them are completely unique to each individual. I can tell you about “what it is like to be bipolar,” but another person with that same label will have something completely different to tell you about “being bipolar.”

This blog is my way of learning what it is like for me to be bipolar. I need to separate my disorder from my other various attributes instead of categorizing many of my actions and feels as my bipolar impulses.

I’ve been seeing a therapist now since my last psychotic episode in August. She helps me immensely with realizing the difference between being bipolar and being me.

One characteristic she finds very interesting about me is my extreme level of empathy for those around me. A strong level of empathy was something I attributed to all bipolar people. I’m learning that empathy is actually a rare trait that isn’t seen very often, but why is that?

She also says I’m very insightful about myself. Okay, great. Now what?

My fear of failure and my perfectionist personality is something my therapist sees a lot in people who are bipolar. So, I won the lottery with gaining those wonderful attributes.

Have I learned anything else? Yes…that I have so much more to learn. I feel like I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.