Telling It Like It Is

Okay, so I told you in my last post that I’m reading Hilary Smith’s “Welcome to the Jungle: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Bipolar but were too Freaked Out to Ask.” Well, I have to explain why I find her hilarious…she tells it like it is!

I’ve read MANY books on bipolar disorder, but her book reads like she is literally right there with you at the hospital after you just find out your diagnosis. You’re sitting there shell shocked and here comes another bipolar patient letting you know what it is really like, not just what the trained staff tells you. This girl KNOWS, but you also realize she’s about to be discharged because she is well enough to leave the hospital. Damn. Just when you make a new friend…

This part of her book that I totally identified with and thought was hilarious was the section about first being diagnosed in her first chapter.

                   “Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder is akin to waking up after a wild night of intoxication to discover that at some point during your (fuzzily remembered) antics, you went and got a tattoo on your bicep. Not just any tattoo–you got a big old snake-eating-a-unicorn tattoo. That sucker’s six inches high and three across. It’s kind of badass, kind of hideous. You stare at it in shock. You vaguely remember going to the tattoo parlor, but why?! You frantically think back to the chain of events that might have led up to you getting a tattoo of a snake eating a unicorn. You feel guilt, anger, embarrassment, denial, nausea–the whole ride. Eventually you realize you’re going to have to live with this thing for the rest of your life, and from here on, your attitude towards your new tat is entirely up to you.”

Beautiful imagery! She nailed it! I just had to share it with you because I guess I’m the type to overidentify with my bipolar disorder. I’m proud of my snake-eating-a-unicorn tattoo…now. I use to be totally ashamed of it. I still am in certain company, so I wear long sleeves when around them. The stigma is there, but eventually I’m going to wear a tank top around them (figuratively speaking)…it will just take time.

So, what do you think? How do you feel about your tattoo? ...COMMENT!…


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