“Just Watch the Thoughts”

“Your mind is not you, it is a tool that likes to make you think it is you…just watch the thoughts. Look at them–they fade in your light.”


Very deep and …weird.

Words that can mean so much or be just taken as absurd and ignored.  I’d like to say I wrote that, but I really don’t know. I found it in my handwriting on a scrap piece of paper in the binder I  started when I started this blog. It’s too profound to be by me. Too deep. Too thoughtful. Too unlike me too. I’m guessing I found it somewhere, wrote it down, and forgot in my haste to say who it was from. So, I’m sorry if I stole it from anyone. Please feel free to yell at me. 🙂

So, since we are on the topic of this interesting passage, I feel like analyzing it in my own way.

                                             “Your mind is not your own…”

Taking just this phrase, I’m already torn. How can your mind be someone else’s?

               Of course it can. That is what your therapist keeps on trying to get you to realize. Isn’t it? You live for everyone else. Never yourself.

                                   But that is not the same thing. I still have a choice, so my mind is still my own.

               Do you?

                                   Moving on! Don’t go there right now.

                                                            “…it is a tool that likes to make you think it is you…”

I’m drawn to “tool”. I keep thinking someone tried to explain this to me and said that your mind is like your heart. They are both tools in the fact that the heart is used to pump blood throughout your body just like your mind is used to control the body’s functions.

                                     But the mind is different than the brain.

                       How so?

                                      The mind is like your soul. Something you can’t touch or examine, but it is there.

                        Why can’t you examine the mind?

                                      I mean physically. You can’t rip the mind out like you can the heart or the brain.

                           I think people will disagree with that, and you should too. You know how much your medicine helps you keep your mind rational. Obviously, the brain and the mind are connected.

                                       Connected. Yes, but not one in the same.

                                                                             “…just watch the thoughts…”

Thoughts are definately important to me. How I’m thinking. What I’m thinking. When I’m thinking. The speed of which I’m thinking. How many levels am I thinking. The intensity level of what I’m thinking. All important.

                          How do you have time to think about all that and have time to think of something?

                                              Good question. Next!

                                                                         “…Look at them…”

               All right. Did that.

                                                                          “…they fade in your light.”

   I don’t know about you, but that was anticlimatic for me. Now I need explanation here. To me, this passage starts strong, but totally craps out at the end. I feel like I was listening to Mozart and it was replaced with Vanilla Ice.

                                           I’m sure others would disagree! It wasn’t that bad.

                    Really? You could have fooled me, because it smells really bad in here.

Okay, so what did I get out of this passage as a whole?

                   I seriously need to seek psychiatrict help. Because if I did write this, my mind was not my own. It was obviously taken over by something that wants me to go into the light.

                                       That is NOT funny! Be serious! This is serious shit.

                    Ha, ha, ha! I can’t breathe! Hold up…okay. I’ll be serious. Seriously, I’m serious.

Thank you to the two people who are actually reading this. I had my fun for the night by writing my actual thoughts while analyzing this passage.

Leave a comment to scold my naughty half.



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