Writing Again :)

I’m writing my novel again. Yes!!! I’m so excited. Maybe I’ll finish it this time.

I also have been doing a lot of volunteer work since I’m not working right now.

Let’s see. I’m slowly getting out of the depression funk, but I fear it’s not moving towards stability. Instead I’m on my way to mania. Whoo hoo! I’m about ready to get back on the roller coaster ride. Being bipolar can be sooooo much FUN! (She says sarcastically.)

I have a new psychiatrist now. Not too happy about that. My old one moved away on me. Crap. This new one is a man and he wants me to lose weight. He also suggested that I get pregnant while on my meds and then get off them during the first month or two. Then go through my pregnancy cold turkey. Hmm, I actually like that idea, but he wants me to lose weight now and exercise so I’m strong during the pregnancy. Crap. I hate watching what I eat and exercising isn’t in my vocabulary. I hate it.


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