My Freaky Self

So, I ended up waking up early again this morning, but I did manage seven hours of sleep. 🙂 It’s early in my definition because it’s SATURDAY!! The day that everyone sleeps in if they can. 😦   When I woke up, I started to compose in my head how I wanted to write my letter to Kay Redfield Jamison, but I realized that my blog seemed to lack something that was very important. I didn’t really clearly define my purpose for this blog, so I got up and started writing. So, now you have a new page and a new blog to read this weekend. Like I didn’t have enough to do! I really need to step away from this computer and the the vast amount of work I have, but I just love writing. 🙂  Right now, I’m enjoying a nice hot cup of cinnamon tea while the white snow outside glows from the dawn, which is lighting my cozy office. Hmmm. Can it get much better than this? 🙂

Now, when you read the page… Please ask me questions!! I’m sure I need to explain further or maybe you want to know why I came to those conclusions? Or maybe you don’t care, but whatever…comment. I don’t bite!! Well, only because I can’t physically bite you. This is over the internet, remember. 🙂  LOL! I also promise I won’t yell at you either. “Come one, come all…step right up.”  Oh great! Now I sound like you should expect a freak show like the circus. DON”T! I’m not a freak. Well, maybe I am, but so what…I’m proud of being my freaky self. 🙂  Okay, this blog isn’t much like me. I think I’m slap happy again today. HYPOMANIC anyone?  🙂

I better go…Christmas cards to write, so little time. 🙂



5 thoughts on “My Freaky Self

  1. Stephanie December 11, 2010 / 10:03 AM

    No Duals,

    It can’t get much better than that…. atleast not for you lol! For me, it most certainly can. 🙂 I too, am sitting in my office, drinking a cup of coffee, reading your posts/pages, BUT starring out into a field of woods that is just dead and not covered in beautiful snow. 😦 So, it COULD get better for me, and according to the weather alert I got, its going to. So YaY! I hope I get to sit here 1-2 days from now and experience exactly what you are getting to see! 🙂 I saw some deer, but I wanna see them with snow all around them. 🙂 So… fingers crossed, I will get to look at the white snow glistening up the hillside soon. 🙂

    Oh, and I want some of that slap happy! Rub some off for me! 🙂 I did wake up kinda like that myself, but my mood immediately crashed downward when I woke up to my husband playing video games and no coffee made. 😦 Don’t ask me why in the world that pissed me off, but it did. lol! Blame it on the bipolar I suppose.

    • mydualities December 11, 2010 / 10:40 AM

      LOL! I know exactly how that is. I wake up to that scene a lot during the weekends, but this morning I got up first. 😛 He woke up to me scrubbing the dishes and doing laundry. I’m rubbing my computer screen. Is it helping? Are you slap happy yet? I’m trying!!! 🙂


      • Stephanie December 11, 2010 / 2:27 PM

        LOL! Actually girl, quite the opposite 😦 Rub harder lol! I am glad you are having a good day though 😛

  2. NotNormal December 16, 2010 / 1:15 AM

    I just came across your website about a week ago and bookmarked! I love it … Pure talent in a window. I found it searching for twisted comfort in my own words that ironically popped up from search engine input … you had written the identical illustrious words of a bipolar downer, yourself at one time, LOL! Anyway, I bookmarked it & came back here tonight!

    I was diagnosed 8 years ago after a classic, desperate attempt on my life… Glad I didn’t succeed, but also glad I got diagnosed. Already having spent some 30+ years in various stages of Hell & Paradise.

    I love to write, too! I usually write to myself, though. Recently, I took samples to my therapist. He told me, he learned more from reading my little personal ramblings in a few short days than he had learned in more than 5 years of knowing me. I swing in an out of moods so fast, he rarely sees ME in all my glory .. I gave him quite a few to ponder over 🙂 ha, ha

    Right now, I am looking out over fields of cold, frozen snow myself! We all know that the colder climates are not good to BP’s don’t we?

    Likewise, this is jumping all over the place… just glad to have found you. I will explore more later this week. I have just finished school; getting another degree at 51. Thank goodness my scholastic writing is more organized! That matters though and this doesn’t. I am done until January 10, 2011 so I will come back and visit.

    • mydualities December 16, 2010 / 8:33 AM

      Thank you for your comments! I will write more to you when I can. My grandmother passed away and everything with that has turned out to be such a mess. I don’t have much time this morning because the memorial service. Thank you! I’ll write back soon, I hope.

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