No Psycho Adventures

I’m back! I got home from Vegas late last night and now I feel like I’m recoperating from a major hangover. I didn’t even drink …that much.

Well, my mood is pretty stable. No psycho adventures for me to report while I was in Vegas. Sorry… I know right. Totally a bummer. I chickened out and didn’t go see Lady Gaga in concert. I know. I should have gone solo, but who wants to go and be alone? That would suck too. U know? I think I would feel like the girl that invited a ton of friends to her birthday party and no body showed up. Lame. But it has happened to me before. I even have a twin and she shut me out because no one of my friends showed up. Totally mean. My twin was harsh to me at times. She’s doesn’t even regret it now. Figures. As long as I’m there for her, she doesn’t have to be here for me. We did go see Zumanity at New York, New York….LOVED IT! Totally HOT! Sexy, sensual, beautiful…loved it!

Well, I took today off of work, but I’m going to face the mother load tomorrow. Having a week off was heaven, but now I’ll have to dive into a pile of shit tomorrow. YUCK!   I don’t mean literally! Jeez, people.

Well, sorry to make this short. I have no idea what else to talk about at this point. I’m fine…pretty boring actually, so that means my life is “normal.” Ha, ha, ha! How normal can life really be when you’re bipolar?


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