Pulling Hair

Well, my sister bailed on me with the weight watchers thing. She started to see a personal trainer and he wants her to do his diet and detox plan. So, that leaves me on my own. CRAP! I’ll keep on trying though. I know I have to.

Dieting isn’t the only thing going on. I’m busy at work still. 🙂 I am also really busy with the service organization I’m involved with. I have a major responsibility in getting everything ready for a convention on April 16th, so I’m practically pulling my hair out right now. I’m trying to get things done, but then one thing leads to another and I have to put my plans on hold. UGH!! I was suppose to get decorations last week, but my sisters convinced me to wait because I wanted their help to decide. Now its Wednesday and still not done. OMG! I’m starting to hyperventilate. Too much to do! I did get a lot of other things done yesterday, so that’s good. Now, I should let you go. Still have so much work to do.

Chat with ya later,



4 thoughts on “Pulling Hair

  1. Stephanie April 11, 2011 / 4:23 PM

    Duals!~ LMAO!!! CHILL OUT SWEETIE!!! YOU STRESS ME JUST READING THAT ROFL!!! back to the paradise we are going to build rofl! I think you need it just as bad as I do! Lordy! Whew!!!! Maybe you take on too much girl. What do you think? You need to learn to say the word “NO” some. You just can’t handle it all, and that is not your fault… its your brains, lol. I bought 4 bipolar shirts online and they are funny…. you should get you some! Maybe make you feel better about this stupid disease we deal with!

    • mydualities April 13, 2011 / 1:28 PM

      Bipolar shirts would be fun. LOL 🙂 My therapist says the same thing, she has me chant “No” ever once in a while. I did say “no” to my dad recently and it tore me up for hours. Then I learned I couldn’t do it anyway, so I was in the right. Figures. Stress me out even more please.

      • Stephanie April 13, 2011 / 1:37 PM

        LOL, SORRY……….. 🙂 didn’t mean to stress you out anymore. he he…. I need to get you a t shirt that says, ” I WILL say NO at least ONCE today, so watch out… it might be your turn!! LMAO!” HEY! I just made that up! That is pretty good! lol! You need that one!!!

      • mydualities April 13, 2011 / 3:29 PM

        LMAO!!! I totally agree! I want that shirt! I need it. You didn’t stress me out, it was my dad I was referring to. Sorry! Well, chat later. Gotta go! at work.

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