NUMB or maybe not

Avoidance… that’s me. Everything is still basically the same in the marriage and work departments. The real issues are ignored because there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution for anything.

Well, since my last post…I bought a new car, a 2011 Chevy Equinox…so excited about it. Love it! I even managed to crack the windshield already… damn it! I also went on vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida. Beautiful, lovely, wish you were with me and my sisters. No men went with us on the trip, so it was like a break from everything. I also turned 31 since May 1, so now I’m officially old. LOL, not even close.

Oh, status of my book…not even working on it. 😦

Bipolar moods…pretty stable. I’ve avoided most of the stressors so my meds keep me pretty balanced. Actually, I don’t know if I’m balanced or just not feeling anything right now…happy? nope…. depressed? nope…. sad? nope… energized? nope   I’m pretty numb and a little anxious…where does that put me? HMMMMMM….

So how the heck are my bipolar peeps out there? I haven’t been keeping up with the blog scene…sorry. Just don’t feel like I have any divine wisdom to share or anything anyone will be interested in hearing. Working a lot and reading a lot and I discovered sudoku for the first time while in Florida. My younger sister introduced it to me so I’m still as obsessive as ever.

Well gotta go



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