As usual, it has been a while. I really don’t have much new to report. Weight Watchers was a bust. I hate the counting calories thing because it turned into an excuse not to do it. I don’t know what to do! I really need to lose weight, but…but…but…

I constantly come up with an excuse. I know…”Excuses are like assholes, everybodies got one.” Problem is I have a shit ton of them.

Well, anyway. I’m definitely in a state of denial. If I deny I exist, maybe I will go away. LOL! I pretend my life is great, but it is not. If you read my previous post, you can put a tag on it saying…”nothing has changed.” Everything I said earlier still applies. Surprising since being bipolar often times means my life is in a constant state of mood changes, but nope…same feeling of “I don’t care, but I should” is going down.

Through me a line, if you would like. I enjoy conversing with those that comment.




2 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. Sheri Weinberg April 23, 2012 / 7:19 AM

    I’ve been doing online Weight Watchers for about 12 weeks, and it’s been really working well for me. I hate counting calories, but I think they make it easy with the points system. Plus I don’t feel hungry and I can eat chocolate! There are also a couple great bipolar/WW support groups there.

    I think our meds really screw us up in the weight department, increase appetite, decrease metabolism. I’m finally on a med that doesn’t affect either one, so perhaps I’m lucky that way.

    • mydualities April 24, 2012 / 7:13 PM

      I’m so glad it is working for you. I just have to stop making excuses and get to work.

      I agree that our meds make weight issues more difficult. I’m on two meds that are notorious on making you gain weight, I hear… Lithium and Abilify. 😦 They work so well for my bipolar disorder, but not helping with the weight.

      Thanks for letting me know about your experience with WW and being bipolar. Hopefully, its inspired me to try again.


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