Mental Storm

Last week, I advised my aunt on how to help my cousin (her neice) get the help she needed. I feel good about it. However, I feel bad about the fact my cousin didn’t feel comfortable with asking me herself. Here is some background on the situation: my cousin is also bipolar. However, she doesn’t like to admit it to anyone. My aunt didn’t think I was right about my cousin being bipolar, but now she saw it for herself when my cousin starting acting very “irrational, irratic, and euphoric sometimes, but then very sad and suicidal the next moment.” Of course that description of my cousin worried me, so I advised my aunt to get her medical attention right away. Problem is…she doesn’t have insurance. However, she did become hospitalized to receive the help she needs. I guess we will see what will happen when she gets out.

I feel terrible about my cousin not willing to call me. My aunt was forcing her to because my aunt knew I am open about my bipolar disorder. Plus, she hoped I would know what my cousin should do. However, my cousin ended up having my old cell number, so I guess she says she did try to get ahold of me. She did on facebook and asked me to call her, but I don’t have her number and I didn’t realize how important it was. I would have called my aunt to get the number if I knew, but my aunt did call me the next day. I feel so guilty. I honestly thought it was all about Thanksgiving this year. Jeez.

Well, I’m watching the news and seeing how bad Frankenstorm Sandy is for the East Coast. Wow! What a storm! I hope and wish everyone will be safe and sound during this major storm. It’s not even reached the worse of it yet. Oh no! Please be safe!

Best Wishes,



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