Now What?

I’ve been really bummed about the future lately. Yes, I was one of those that voted for Mitt Romney. I have many reasons why I’d like to see REAL change in the White House. I have heard stories about what may happen and I’ve done my own research and I’m not liking any of it one bit. I’m genuinely scared. I guess if what they say about the Mayan Calendar turns out to be true, I shouldn’t have to worry anymore. We will all be dead.

I’ve been trying to come up with some positives about my future, but none is forthcoming. I’ve been thrown in charge of the family business while my parents enjoy an extended vacation in Florida. Running a business without them…really sucks.

As for my marriage…(some of you may be reading earlier posts, so you might be curious), it has not changed. Not even a little.

Weight…I’m afraid to step on a scale because if anything, I’ve been gaining. I think I’ve decided that exploding may be less painful than exercising. LMFAO!

I’d say I’m stable, but that would be a BIG lie. My bipolar emotions are going ballistic. Stating that I’m “emotional” would be an understatement.

Friends…um. I don’t really have any that I see outside of Facebook. 😦

Classes…done…no big deal since they were just for work anyway.

Writing…I would like to take a class to help spark inspiration, but husband and sister say to wait until February or March… 😦

Well, there’s my update. Whoa is me. Life sucks. Now what?