When the Dust Stirs…

Rip Van Winkle BridgeSo the dust is beginning to settle around me, but I’m expecting a tornado soon to following. It’s the calm before the storm in my world right now.  Husband’s gone for another business trip and I’m waiting for all this activity to happen.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to finish my novel satisfactorily before a writer’s convention I am going to at the end of April. However, it is my first convention and I want to learn as much as I can and not worry about pitching my book yet. I have nothing to offer an agent or editor yet. I just have my soul poured on the pages of a novel that no one has read to the end except me. I want my baby to be as perfect as I can make it before I pitch. And I want to enter some contests too to get my name out there more before I try to publish my first novel.

Unfortunately, everyone is telling me “finish it all ready!”

No! I’m going to take my dear sweet ass time about it. Don’t rush me.

I’d rather have them reject the best I can produce than have agents and editors reject my novel when I know it is not the best.

Sometimes I wonder if I should open up my blog. Let people know who I am. Then no one response to this anyway, so why bother.

I’m thinking back to my last post and wonder why I’m different. I take my meds that actually do work and I try to stay away from too much stress, but the stress is about to hit me hard very soon. I can feel the dust start to stir as I type.

The future is going to be a lot of FUN…I can feel it. I just hope I don’t end up in the hospital again. If I do, these blogs might get more exciting. Here we go…


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