Second Down

Clapping emoticonI finished the second draft of my novel! Whoo hoo! Now already working on my third draft. Hahaha. I’ll never be done, but a part of me loves working on it so I’m cool with that. However, I have two agents that I need to send my manuscript to that are waiting for it. How long should I make them wait? I want to have this novel perfect before I send it out. I’m at the Beta Reader stage, so I’m excited about that, but that takes time.

Tuesday night I present my first 20 pages to 20+ people in a large critique group of writers. Some published, some not but I’m so excited. I’m actually freaking out about it.  I’ve been critiquing my work none stop today, so I had to take a break to let all of you know how my novel is going.

Today, we are going to the movies to see the new X-Men movie. If you haven’t read it an earlier blog about the X-Men I wrote you wouldn’t know that I love the X-Men, but I do…I really do. 🙂


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