More than I Can Chew

Bite-off-moreI think I bit off more than I can chew…I love that cliche. 🙂 But it is so accurate right now. I have too much to do this week with my service organization, my writing group, my book club, the county fair, and work. Plus a family member is having surgery today. I hope all goes well. Well, book club I decided to cancel because I just couldn’t get into the book and I still had about six hours left of the book on the same day we were suppose to meet. The pressure made me decide not to go.

If anything else happens this week, I might fall off the cliff. I can tell that I’m struggling with depression right now. Thoughts of gloom and doom are biting my heels. I feel like giving up on everything…and all I want to do is SLEEP! Oh, to feel my sheets and blanket snuggled around me as I close my eyes…

Ugh! I need to stop. I need to get organized and get all the shit I need to do done! But I can’t help worrying about “what if.” Grr! I’m driving myself crazy and no one else needs to help me with it. Please refrain from adding something new to the mix. I really can’t handle anything more this week.


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