For Dear Life

Cat hanging in thereFor the last four days, I’ve been taking care of my twin sister after her knee and wrist surgery. It’s amazing how exhausted I feel today. I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed for a change. I miss my husband and my cat. I’m excited that I will see them tonight. My sister is doing a lot better, so my other sister is going to take over for me. I might have to come back in a couple of days, but I just need to return home.  I’m already terribly homesick.

I’m itching to write again, but haven’t found the time. I changed a couple of scenes near the end of my book, but now I have to write a whole new ending. Oops. Actually, my new idea for the ending is a lot better. I think. Gosh! I wish I could ask someone what they think about this drastic change. I just want to pound my head into the wall now. So much to change. I will never finish this book I am writing. A part of me just wants to give up on it and stop writing. Then I realize that I’d be giving up on the one thing in my life that I actually enjoy doing more than reading.

Grr! I can’t let work or that service organization take up too much of my life. I need to hold on to my dream for dear life. I can’t let myself get too bogged down or too discouraged about my writing.



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