Heaven Help Them

missing husbandHow is everyone doing? I’ve been home for the last 4 days with very little interaction with other people. At times, I feel wonderful. I can do what I want when I want to. Then there are moments that I feel so alone. So bored and so pathetic.

My husband is away on a business trip. He will not be home until Sunday, but I leave on Saturday for my own business trip and will not be home to see him until Saturday, the 28th. I won’t see my husband for two whole weeks. Heaven help those I see during that time.

I’ve noticed that I get depressed when my husband’s gone, but my sister pointed out that I am a mega bitch during that time too. She is right.  I am. I wonder if it is a good thing that my moods depend on where my husband is. I doubt it.

Ugh! What do I do now?

I’m waiting impatiently for “State of Affairs” to start tonight. I love Katherine Heigl! I’m so sad that it’s the season finale tonight.  It’s the only show I watch. I don’t watch much television because my husband controls the remote when he’s home. Now I’m binging on TV this weekend and crocheting while I do so. I’m loving it, until I can’t find anything on to watch. Tomorrow, I head into work. YUCK! It’s the worse when I know I won’t return home to anyone. Well, accept Lucy. She’s my cat.


Wish Me Luck

Las VegasI finally feel more relief now. I quit the committee that I didn’t feel appreciated giving my 2 cents. The tenants from hell have finally left. I’m going on vacation to Las Vegas, and I’m leaving work behind while I am gone. I just hope Vegas is as fun as I know it can be. I love Vegas. If I had a choice as to where I would move to, it would have to be in driving distance to Vegas.

For those of you that don’t know, gambling and addictions are a major problem for bipolar people. I definitely fall prey to the lights and excitement of Vegas. One thing I’m so excited about is the possibility of seeing Jeff Dunham. Whoohoo! Years ago I saw Gabriel Inglesias and he was fantastic. I can’t wait to see Jeff Dunham this time.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to any other shows I should see while I’m there? You know, to help keep me from the casino the whole time I’m there.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely going to be playing, but shows would be great too. I love playing Texas Hold’em. One day I want to play in the World Series of Poker…but then I realize that I suck so I’ll never win a position and I know I will never be able to fork over $10,000 to lose in 10 minutes. But…I can dream. Right?

So wish me LUCK and all the best wishes imaginable!