Nothing has Changed

I really don’t know what to say, but I want to give you an update. Working for my parents is still hard as ever. They didn’t do crap while I was gone, so now I have a ton of work to do and it all should have been done weeks ago. I’m not very happy. Actually, I’m really pissed off. Plus my dad is treating me like his “bitch” instead of an important asset to the company. My opinion does not matter on things, but he wants me to do everything. WTF! Plus, he is pissed when I took Tuesday off because I had my regular appointment with my therapist and I live an hour away, so it didn’t make sense to come in before or after the appointment. So, now he ordered me to change my appointments or not see my therapist anymore. DICK!!! THEN, he didn’t come in to work yesterday at all, so I had to do work that I just know didn’t matter because he’ll say he wanted it done this other way blah, blah, blah. He so micromanages that I don’t get things ever accomplished! He’s going to put me into another psychotic episode if he keeps this shit up! Maybe I’ll just go Bipolar on his ass. LOL!

Sorry for the short update. I need to get to work. 😦 I’m here already, but no one else is and I finished what I needed to supposedly do yesterday. So waiting. If only I could be cut loose. This place needs a lot of work and improvement, but EVERYTIME I work on a major project to improve how things are done around here. It is left on the way side, distroyed, ignored, ridiculed, or left unfinished. 😦   I’ve worked here for over 15 years and nothing has changed.