Heaven Help Them

missing husbandHow is everyone doing? I’ve been home for the last 4 days with very little interaction with other people. At times, I feel wonderful. I can do what I want when I want to. Then there are moments that I feel so alone. So bored and so pathetic.

My husband is away on a business trip. He will not be home until Sunday, but I leave on Saturday for my own business trip and will not be home to see him until Saturday, the 28th. I won’t see my husband for two whole weeks. Heaven help those I see during that time.

I’ve noticed that I get depressed when my husband’s gone, but my sister pointed out that I am a mega bitch during that time too. She is right.  I am. I wonder if it is a good thing that my moods depend on where my husband is. I doubt it.

Ugh! What do I do now?

I’m waiting impatiently for “State of Affairs” to start tonight. I love Katherine Heigl! I’m so sad that it’s the season finale tonight.  It’s the only show I watch. I don’t watch much television because my husband controls the remote when he’s home. Now I’m binging on TV this weekend and crocheting while I do so. I’m loving it, until I can’t find anything on to watch. Tomorrow, I head into work. YUCK! It’s the worse when I know I won’t return home to anyone. Well, accept Lucy. She’s my cat.



Back to Writing

writerHello everyone!

My mood has greatly improved over the last few days. I finally feel like doing things again. I want to work on my book again.  I actually am working on electrical panels again instead of barely getting by. Now, if only the electrical room didn’t feel like 100 degrees inside due to the sun and the lack of a working air conditioner, I might get more accomplished. Damn that room is HOT!

I finally heard back from one of my beta readers. She raised some very important issues and had great suggestions, but how do you take the criticism and not want to rewrite your entire novel? My books a mess. Great. Now I have other readers reading the same thing and I wonder if they are have trouble with it. 😦

I don’t know when I’ll ever finish my book. At this rate, I’d rather take time to get it right than to worry about time. Hopefully, a literary agent will pick it up sometime. I just don’t know when I will be able to submit.