Touch Me

Maya Angelou quoteMy body is getting use to the increase in Lithium. Phew, it didn’t take long. I’m pretty stable and I’m liking it now. I just needed to give my body some time I guess.

I finished my third draft to my manuscript. I sent it out to Beta readers, but I wish I had more than just 2 right now.  How do you find beta readers anyway and how many is the right amount? I’m looking for those that have experience in the publishing business. Well, hopefully 2 will work for right now.  I just have to wait to see what they say about my novel. I’m so excited. I’m taking a break from the book now and I’m trying to learn how to write query letters and what I will need to do to find an agent.

If anyone could give me any advice in the publishing business, I am all ears!

Very recently, I turned 34! Wow, I feel older than that actually! I guess that is what happens when you marry a man ten years older than you. 🙂

For those wondering about my marriage because you have been following…my husband and I are maintaining the status quo. I don’t think that will ever change. I’m pretty sure with our avoidance of the topic and issue, we have decided not to have children. I don’t know how I feel about that. Actually, I’m relieved. Knowing my luck, my husband will say tomorrow…let’s try to have a baby.  WTF! LOL! Ah, really? No. I doubt that very much. He’d have to touch me first.


Second Down

Clapping emoticonI finished the second draft of my novel! Whoo hoo! Now already working on my third draft. Hahaha. I’ll never be done, but a part of me loves working on it so I’m cool with that. However, I have two agents that I need to send my manuscript to that are waiting for it. How long should I make them wait? I want to have this novel perfect before I send it out. I’m at the Beta Reader stage, so I’m excited about that, but that takes time.

Tuesday night I present my first 20 pages to 20+ people in a large critique group of writers. Some published, some not but I’m so excited. I’m actually freaking out about it.  I’ve been critiquing my work none stop today, so I had to take a break to let all of you know how my novel is going.

Today, we are going to the movies to see the new X-Men movie. If you haven’t read it an earlier blog about the X-Men I wrote you wouldn’t know that I love the X-Men, but I do…I really do. 🙂

Write On!

I am writing like I’m on fire. I haven’t been able to turn off the writing except to sleep. I have a goal to write 1,000 words a day at least and for the past week and a half I’ve gone above and beyond. I now have 205 words written for my first draft of the novel I’m writing. This novel will be the first one that I have ever finished…if I finish it of course, but I see the end course and I’m positive I’m on the right track.  I’m excited. This world is what I’ve always wanted to do since I was in third grade and had to write my first short story.  LOL. It was titled The Princess and the Witch–original right.

That’s always been my problem though. Coming up with a title. Even this novel I’m working on has taken me so long to find a title and I’m still not sure about it. People might confuse the meaning. I wrote many drafts for the back cover of my book already. I so want to post it on here, but figured it might not be a good idea. I might jinx myself. LOL.

I decided to start my own writer’s circle. We meet for the first time next week. I’m excited. I already know that this circle will be awesome. There are nine members already and we all have a wide variety of talent when it comes to writing.

One thing I do wish is to communicate more with others on here. I miss receiving messages. I know it’s because I’m not on here very much and I’m sorry about that. I have been so absorbed in my writing lately. I started the novel in January, well this version of it. I really started writing about three other versions in 2007. It’s amazing how one version can be morphed into another and then another until you find the perfect genre to make both you and the reader happy.

For all you writers out there…Write On!