My Purpose

Originally, I started this blog when I was still in a manic fever. I was coming down from my third psychotic episode. My goal then (and it still is) was to change the way people viewed and stereotyped bipolar and mentally ill people. I was tired of hiding my gifts and I think a part of me was still feeling grandiose when I believed writing this blog would really make a HUGE difference to MILLIONS of people world-wide, bipolar or not.

I also had some major issues I really wanted to change.

  1. The process of hospitalization for those that are mentally ill STILL NEEDS to change! Too many people are demoralized and traumatized by it.
  2. The school system HAS GOT to develop a better atmosphere for children to grow up in a BULLY FREE environment!!! Those that have a mental disorder cannot get the help they need when children are raised to ridicule those that are thought to be different. Parents are also at fault here.
  3. The Stigma against the mentally ill is still prevalent because too many people still do not feel safe in divulging to friends, family, and acquaintances that they have a mental illness. Why should we hide…because society still makes US feel ashamed for something as hereditary as the color of our skin? NOOO!!! We MUST change that!! Start small and work your way up the ladder when it is the right time for you or your loved ones to do so. EVERYONE should speak out against the Stigma, not just those that have the mental illness!!!

I’m sure more issues that led and keep leading me to write in this blog will surface as I go, but those three are the major areas I dream of helping in making a difference. I know now that my grandiose thoughts of changing the minds of MILLIONS of people were far-fetched, but helping even one person gain their voice to “bring change to mind” will at least be something I can be proud of because it will start the process that will spread when that person helps another and that person helps another….I truly believe one person really can make a difference. It just might take time.

I write this blog now not just to advocate for bipolar and the mentally ill rights, but for people to see that a person who is bipolar will struggle, but can also live a purposeful, loving, and happy life.


Duals   🙂

8 thoughts on “My Purpose

  1. Stephanie December 11, 2010 / 9:52 AM


    You have hit the nail on the head girl. 🙂 I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote. There are SO MANY THINGS, especially those you mentioned, that need serious improvement and attention! I HATE the stigma and the labels society gives us. It makes me mad, and I too am blogging for the same reasons you are. People need to realize that, we are NOT crazy. If you put us in a crowded room with 30 other normal people, NO ONE could pick us out as being different or crazy. Its only ONCE YOU TELL THEM, or raise your hand to stand out and say, I am the bipolar one in this crowd…. THAT is when society will look at you and say, oh yea, she is crazy… I knew that…. when really they didn’t and you appeared just like everyone else roaming this earth until you TOLD. Make sense?

    • mydualities December 11, 2010 / 10:36 AM

      Yes, it makes sense, but some…some…say… “Me too!” or “So is my loved one”….I’ve even heard “no big deal.” Some even say “it’s about time someone said something because I was too afraid to do it myself.” I know…keep dreaming, but I really have heard people say this around me. It may amaze you. BUT you will still have those ignorant assholes out there. 😦 So be careful.

  2. Stephanie December 11, 2010 / 2:30 PM

    Yes, I know. FYI, speaking of assholes… I saw a bumper sticker a few mins. ago and it said: For such a small town, there sure are a lot of ASSHOLES!

    I laughed and thought, heck yea! Now where do I get one of those!! 🙂

      • Stephanie December 12, 2010 / 12:13 PM

        Yea, it was too funny. Still I am digging the one I found long ago in Orlando. It said: I’m going NUCKING FUTS! lol 🙂

  3. January 10, 2011 / 8:43 PM

    Dualities: I couldn’t agree with your tripartite mission statement more. Congratulations and Thank You. I’ve recently started a blog-based online forum for the high-functioning mentally ill – partly to remind people that we are here and that we are not whom most think we are, and partly to challenge the typical definitions of what it in fact means to “function.” Regarding your third point: I truly believe that stigma persists because people don’t know. They don’t know that the chick with everything going for her is coming apart at the seams. The forum is in its Beta stage, and I would really appreciate feedback and comments from a like-minded blogger.

  4. becci johnston November 29, 2014 / 2:11 AM

    Duals, check out Doreen Virtues Indigo Children…..

    I think that’s what you are.
    I’m one too….it made so much sense to me….finally! X

    • mydualities November 29, 2014 / 8:56 PM

      Thanks for reading my posts. Yeah, it’s hard to stay sane when others are trying to drain all your energy. Being bipolar is very difficult. It’s a challenge to gain the support you need to go through the day.
      Stay Strong!

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