‘Tis the Season

Lately, I haven’t published a new post because of the holiday season approaching. December was the month I had my first manic/psychotic episode, so I have had to limit some of my triggers. Unfortunately, writing happens to be one of them. So, I will also have to keep this short. I shouldn’t be writing even now, but the pen and paper in front of me begs for words. (Yes, I’m old fashion. I write it out, then type it, then post it.)

As Christmas approaches, I can feel my bipolar disorder growing stronger. It really became close last Thursday night when a family emergency forced me to wake up from a Seroquel induced sleep at midnight. Friday, I was high strung and wired. By bedtime that night, I was hyper, but Seroquel did manage to knock me out, thank God. Saturday, my emotions felt raw and I was coming down from the hyperness of Friday. I was very sensitive and allowed my feelings to be hurt easily during Christmas with the in-laws. Yesterday, I was go, go, go because of shopping for last minute Christmas presents and decorations. Plus, I have been and need to continue cleaning my large house because 30 of my family members are coming on Christmas Eve. I even burst into tears yesterday when I heard that Brittany Murphy passed away.

Now, I’m at work with a ton of things to do, but instead I’m writing to you :), so that is why this will be short.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, so mania can slip by easily. I pray I’ll get through the season without a visit to the hospital.

Best Wishes to all and Happy Holidays!