Turning into the Grinch

yt_grinch_mdAgain I left this blog far too long.

Work is improving for me in respect that I get to control the reigns again because they are going back to Florida…sorta. My dad keeps postponing leaving because he started remodeling and everything is still a mess. My mom left, leaving me to clean up the mess in the offices. I’m waiting to see how long my dad can handle the cold weather that is promising to greet us this weekend. I have a feeling I’m going to be left with a ton more work to do than usual.

At least they do recognize that my brother no longer is my equal, so I did get a raise and a higher title than him….about time, until he finds out of course. They’re not going to tell him. Fantastic. Leave me to deal with that too.

The Holiday season isn’t going to be good for my husband and me. My husband is now looking for a new job. We have some money saved, but that isn’t much. I don’t know what we are going to do about Christmas presents for us and our families, but I’m hoping my mood doesn’t turn me into the Grinch.

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