How are You?

Sorry for not being on here for a while.  I could say that I have been busy, but that isn’t true really. I just never know whattoo say on here anymore. Well, sometimes I do but I justdon’t. I can’t really explain it.

As far as my moods have been, I have been doing well. Surprisingly, since I lost my therapist since she left the practice. I was surprised my family was glad to see her go. They didn’t like her because she was encouraging me to be my own person. They didn’t  like that too much. Plus they were worried she would talk me into getting a divorce.

Right now, everything is pretty much the same. Work is going well. I’m excited about Christmas and I’m splurging on presents because we had a good year. Unfortunately,many did not. I hope the government would make a decision in their policies. Even a bad decision would be better than none at all because we would be able to tathe new new policies, work with them, and then make our own decisions to move on. We need movement and growth, not inaction, fighting, and uncertainty.